How to Get Around the World Cheap

How to Get Around the World Cheap gives you all the expert tips and advice that you need to travel around the world on almost no money at all.
I recently stumbled upon the interactive satellite-photo maps on Google Earth and came to the conclusion that the days of original discovery are long, long dead. Intrepid souls, Captain Cook and Richard Burton, fearlessly left their own cultures to make contact with utterly different ones for the first time. Although you won’t be making first contact anymore, you can still find yourself face-to-face with a crowd of curious people in a strange land asking you why your own culture does inconceivable things like sunbathe and, if you are in France, shower daily. Do you fancy being an adventurer, gathering stories and fighting off exotic men and women who find you irresistible? tells you how.
If you ask a bunch of people what they would do with the money if they won the lottery many would say, travel around the world. Why wait? Buy airfare and hit the road now, with or without money. Need somewhere to stay? Sleep in a cemetary for free. Hungry? Play a guitar for tips or get your food from a dumpster. Need to get somewhere? Stick out a thumb and get a lift. Okay, I admit this all might be a little too much for most people. No worries – tells you how to get around, find cheap places to stay, delicious cheap market food and find work abroad to support longer journies.